Poetry Moon

Welcome to the roots of poetry!

What do aerial roots look like and what do tubers feel like? How would you describe your own roots?

This year, Poetry Moon celebrates different roots at more than 50 events. The festival’s runners take over new areas with their literary growth, even though their roots remain in familiar settings, such as the Finnish National Theatre’s Lavaklubi.

Poetry Moon invites performers and audiences to impress one another through and beyond the boundaries of art and culture. We bring friends of both traditional and experimental literature together to experience and create. Join Poetry Moon on a journey to urban nature, the roots of literature and the trams to discover the freshest poetry. An entire day of children’s events will inspire the whole family to go on an adventure in the world of stories and song.

Most of the events are free-of-charge. See what Poetry Moon has to offer just for you!

More info at runokuu.fi

Mon 20.8. – Sun 26.8.