Martin Zimmermann: Eins Zwei Drei

Working in the interface of modern circus and physical theatre, Martin Zimmermann introduces the Helsinki Festival to absurd comedy from among the best in the world. Following an April premiere in Switzerland, Eins Zwei Drei comes to Helsinki and draws its audience into an imaginary museum, where visitors and works are similarly subjects of observation. In Zimmermann’s world, bodies have object-like properties and objects have a human dimension – and the collisions between the two create infinite opportunities for unexpected comedy.

A haven for formalised good taste and harmonic order, the museum offers an inventive playground for the tragicomic figures created by Zimmermann, which draw inspiration from the traditions of clownery. Combining dazzling physical skill with new circus and avant-gardist modern theatre, Zimmermann’s poetic stage art investigates power relations, freedom, and the pain and bliss of existence through irresistible humour.

Previously known as part of the award-winning duo Zimmermann & de Perrot, Martin Zimmermann (b. 1970) is a Swiss-born circus artist, choreographer and director, whose physics-defying stage works have been seen at festivals and in theatres all over the globe.

Like Margritte, the surrealist painter, Martin Zimmermann explores the codes of reality.”
– 24 Heures

The unbelievable talent of Martin Zimmermann consists mainly of his ability to simultaneously invent the time and space in which his character constantly wanders.”
– Libération

Concept, choreography and costumes: Martin Zimmermann
Design and performers: Tarek Halaby, Dimitri Jourde, Romeu Runa and Colin Vallon
Music: Colin Vallon
Dramaturg: Sabine Geistlich
Set design: Martin Zimmermann, Simeon Meier

The Finnish National Theatre, Main Stage

Läntinen teatterikuja 1


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