Kimmo Pohjonen: Ultra Organ

Helsinki Festival has hosted several top moments in the unique career of Kimmo Pohjonen. This year, the Festival’s 50th anniversary, it is time for the new composition Ultra Organ. In it, the pipe organ is combined with Pohjonen’s accordion to create a new instrument, the organ-accordion.

Having premiered at the Kölner Philharmonie concert hall last year, Ultra Organ is Pohjonen at his most powerful. It takes the roar of the organ that you feel in the bottom of your belly and brings it anew to the 21st century. The battle between the organ and an accordion playing organ samples also adds a new chapter to the history of these instruments.

Mikael Agricola Church offers the perfect stage for the work’s Helsinki premiere. The dialogue between Pohjonen’s organ-accordion and Mikko Helenius’ organ is complemented by sound design and live electronics by Tuomas Norvio and lighting design by Otso Vartiainen. Like all of Pohjonen’s concerts, Ultra Organ is also a visual experience in which lights and colours pulsate with the primal force of the music.

In co-operation with Helsinki Organ Summer.

Kimmo Pohjonen, organ-accordion, voice
Mikko Helenius, organ, voice
Tuomas Norvio, sound design and live electronics
Otso Vartiainen, visual design, lights

Mikael Agricola Church

Tehtaankatu 23

Mikael Agricola Church
Duration approx. 70 min
Tickets incl. handling fees starting from €22,50–33
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Wed 22.8.  21.00

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