Concert at Kaivari

Maija Vilkkumaa, Von Hertzen Brothers, Litku Klemetti, Töölön Ketterä, Isac Elliot, UMO & Paperi T

As Helsinki Festival turns 50 and Helsinki’s Live Music Association ELMU turns 40, the two celebrate their anniversaries by filling Kaivopuisto once again with live music and a picnic atmosphere. The concert at Kaivari continues the honoured traditions of the Helsinki Festival park concerts and the warmly-remembered open-air concerts organised in Kaivopuisto since the 1970s. Kaivopuisto has been the stage of many legendary concerts ranging from Wigwam to Hurriganes and Dingo, and it was the starting point of the march to take over Lepakko, which turned into a haven for rock.

The August concert at Kaivari features current favourites and rising stars. The performers include Finnish pop mainstay Maija Vilkkumaa, progressive rock torch-bearers Von Hertzen Brothers, indie favourite Litku Klemetti, on-the-rise rap duo Töölön Ketterä and, appearing together on stage for a special set, UMO Jazz Orchestra and rap lyricist Paperi T. Isac Elliot is also on hand to charm both younger and slightly older audiences, and the event programme also has more to offer for the whole family.

UMO Jazz Orchestra & Paperi T (14.00)
Litku Klemetti (15.30)
Isac Elliot (16.45)
Töölön Ketterä (18.00)
Maija Vilkkumaa (19.00)
Von Hertzen Brothers (20.30)

Sun 19.8.  14.00

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