1968 @ Bio Rex: Roots and dreams

The year 1968 was not only the beginning of the Helsinki Festival, it was also a year of rebellion. How do the counter-movements and yearning for freedom of that memorable year show in the present day? That is the question for the evening sessions organised at the Bio Rex cinema and hosted by the Amox Rex museum, where you return to the past through the means of film while also envisioning the future.

The event is organised by the Helsinki Festival in co-operation with Amos Rex, Globe Art Point, the National Audiovisual Institute KAVI, Korjaamo and Poetry Moon.

Who remembers the crazy year of 1968? The student riots in Paris, the iconic Black Power moment at the Olympics in Mexico or the occupation of the Old Student House in Helsinki? What does a people’s manifesto sound like in international, modern-day Helsinki. How does art protest, and how do children grow up to be heroes?

Come to the multi-artistic Roots and Dreams event at Bio Rex in Lasipalatsi to tune your own spirit of rebellion to the present and the future! If you dream of a better world, this multi-language cultural event for all ages is perfect for you.

Write your own manifesto in a social media project or on location. Come hear and share stories, stage poetry and historic revolutionary speeches in discussions, on the Poetry with Attitude stage and at the speaker’s pulpit of Rebellion Karaoke! The stage is set for, among others, the poet Aulikki Oksanen, poet Roxana Crisologo with visual and sound artist Ana Gutieszca, author Siri Kolu, anti-capitalist poet and editor Daniil Kozlov as well as historian and Member of Parliament Erkki Tuomioja.  The evening ends with Philip Kaufman’s film The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Admission to the event is free with the exception of the film screening.


4 p.m.
Roots&Dreams Manifesto
During the day, a manifesto of future hopes is published. The contents of the manifesto are created together in social media, where everyone is invited.

Pop-up library of revolutionary poetry
Read yourself into a mood of revolution. The Helsinki City Library has collected a selection of rebellious and revolutionary poetry. 

Children’s revolutionary workshops
Change begins with a new generation. Children are educated for rebellion by Siri Kolu, author of Me and the Robbersons, in the spirit of the book Sankaritarinoita tytöille (Tales of Heroism for Girls). On the Way of the Words, children pass along a route in which words of rebellion – including their own – are whispered in their ears.

6 p.m.
Poetry with Attitude
Poetry serves as an invitation to rebel, especially when it is performed by Aulikki Oksanen, Susinukke Kosola, Nihkee Akka, Roxana Crisologo and Ana Gutieszca. Barriers and boundaries of language break down as the poets perform, and afterwards, the microphone is open. Anyone can ignite their own revolution in the language of their choosing in the form of stage poetry.

8 p.m.
OPEN ACTIVIST MIC – Come and Provoke!
A smooth transition takes place between poetry to a different type rebellion tale. Anyone is free to step up to the microphone and recount their tale of activism from 1968 to the present day – or their vision of a future revolutionary dream. One of the speakers is Erkki Tuomioja, who took part in the 1968 occupation of the Old Student House. Hosted by Max Bremer.

7:30 p.m.
Film introduction
Diego Ginartes, Artistic Director of the Cinémaissi film festival, introduces the night’s film and explains how cinema acted as a revolutionary tool during the Prague Spring of 1968. The introduction is in English.

8 p.m.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Taking place in Prague in 1968, the film portrays the position of artists within the political turmoil. Based on the novel by Milan Kundera, the work directed by Philip Kaufman focuses on one man, two women, and both personal and societal change.

Tickets to the screening incl. handling fees €11 / €17.50

Age limit 16

9 p.m.
Rebellion Karaoke
Julius Valve hosts a speech karaoke full of inspiring and inflammatory speeches – and, as with karaoke in general, they can be read by volunteers from the listening audience. The karaoke menu contains revolutionary speeches from the past and present. Commentary by literary critic Aleksis Salusjärvi. 

The evening’s programme is realised in co-operation with Poetry Moon, the National Audiovisual Institute KAVI and Globe Art Point 

Amos Rex & Bio Rex

Mannerheimintie 22-24


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